23 June 2011


Tu Fawning's 'Heart on Holds'(2010) is a project album by two Portlanders: Joe Haege of the '31 knots' and Corrina Repp. The song here featured is 'I know you now'.

15 June 2011

Juffrouw Jo

On a lucky day, you may come accross Miss Jo Hedwig Teeuwisse on her stroll through Amsterdam. It is easy enough to spot her. Always and everywhere, she wears period clothing from the 1930s and 1940s (see for yourself in her photostream).
Juffrouw Jo is not alone: there are 80 members and counting in her Club Interbellum.
Jo's years long passion for this historical period eventually led her to invent a dream job for herself. For 10 years already, Jo has been advising clients - film producers, theatres, museums, schools... - on how to visually and otherwise correctly recreate this historical period.
The above photographs feature the interior of Jo's Advising Buro 30-45 that can be found in Amsterdam (Oost) at Tweede Boerhaavenstraat 71-2. The buro also doubles as a WW2 apartment (still in the works): before it is finished, it can be rented as a film location at a reduced fee. The Amsterdamse School furniture originates from the 1920s, the radio from the 1930s, and the magazines from the 1940s.
In the apartment, it is still war.
The year is 1943.

14 June 2011

De Batavier outdoor library

This library of 250 ceramic books in the facade of De Batavier was created by Sanja Medić, an artist resident in Amsterdam. It was commissioned by the housing organisation De Alliantie and HVDN Architects in the process of developing a new residential building in Lootsstraat in Amsterdam.
The streets in this neighbourhood in Oud West are named after the Dutch poets and writers, and the titles on the spines of the books are taken from the works of these same authors.

09 June 2011


We are now a mere week away from Oerol. During Oerol, the entire Frisian island of Terschelling is turned into an off-Broadway stage with a circus atmosphere. Nomadic old-fashioned caravans of art troupes, and an odd art installation here and there, are scattered amidst the grazing sheep and horses. You will find actors on the beach, in the dunes and even in your room or tent.
Act normally. People may otherwise mistake you for an act. They might sit down in a circle around you and wait for your next move.
Bring a hat.

08 June 2011

Balkan summer

To camp once again in the ruins... the old forgotten ruins predating the last war, and the one before that...

To jump aboard the shaking shackle boat led by a solitary boatman... heading for a lovely lonely island counting seven heads, and not a head more...

To find once more the opening into the rocks, leading to a dimly lit cave, and further to an underground beach...

To enter the old white house that has curtains for doors, at the place where storytelling is more commom than books... and ohhhh, to welcome the evening breeze while playing an ancient card game with the hosts...

At 7 a.m. to head for the island tavern where you can listen to the news told on the radio...

To return to the day when the seventh donkey of the seventh man died... To the moment when the seventh man interrupted our breakfast to summon help for the burial at sea...

News travel over the seas in bottles, and so they tell me that now, since a year or so ago, also the seventh man is dead... and buried at sea...

All photographs are taken from the website of Cocomat's furniture and accessories.

01 June 2011

On my way

Any time now, I won't have to hack my way to you any longer