21 October 2010

Back a little bit

A video of Lykke Li's indie song Little Bit. And you really need to check out her song I'm Good, I'm gone here (the official video for the same song can be found here and it is also well worth your trouble).


  1. I'm Good, I'm Gone: the studio version is the best.. there's something very hypnotic about both the song and the clip, and something I can't put my finger on. Also the one above is strange in the same indefinable way.

  2. WTF have u been for such a long time?! LOL Weel, da ti pravo kažem, drugar'ce: you were missed. Welcome back & keep up the good work! Pozdrav & mašala iz Sarajeva! Anja

  3. Zep: you sure it wasn't the guy with suspenders that you wanted to put your finger on? ;)

    Olga's Gal: thanks for welcoming me back... I'm not very good with long-term commitments, I guess (sigh)... How was Sarajevo? You probably attended a theatre fest?