10 May 2011

Secret Cinema

An old secret by now, 'Secret Cinema' (launched by Future Shorts) is a series of secret monthly film screenings. Where and when is only disclosed to the subscribers, and even then only on the very morning of the screening.
Subscribers receive elaborate instructions that include more or less clear clues for appropriate attire (read: costume). You will likely be led from the meeting point to a further undisclosed venue.
As for the film shown: you need to wait until you are brought to the screening location. In the concrete event posted about above, the subscribers were met by the Utopia Skyways staff who would fly them to a new colony.
The 'cinema' location will probably already give the secret film away, as you will be met there by a hundred or so actors in tell-tale costumes reenacting scenes from the still undisclosed film along your way.
"Screens pulsed, neon sizzled, strange men approached me carrying snakes (real) and eyeballs (probably fake)," reported the spectators. "There were bars, live music, strippers, huge video screens, food stalls, robots and replicants."
To get a feel of the impressive visuals and the elaborated interactive programme surrounding the screening, read this review.
Oh, may the next one be the '73 'Wicker Man'!

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