23 June 2009

Tango poems

This is Milonga para Jacinto Chiclana, taken from El Tango (1965), an album of tangos, milongas and musical poems by Jorge Luis Borges (lyrics) and Astor Piazzolla (music).
The poem of the posted piece, in English translation, can be found here.
Tango is a fusion of habanera, milonga, condombe and every other musical style known to man in late nineteenth-century Buenos Aires. Once tango came to be, it returned to every culture, as a dance of eros, as a dance of tanatos, as a dance of brothels, as a dance of grieving husbands, as a dance of elements, as an elemental dance.
"Tango," wrote Borges, "encloses, as does all that which is truthful, a secret."

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