28 August 2009

Snippety snapshot: Lights

«Огоньки» Ляпис Трубецкой «Lights» Lyapis Trubetskoy from Alexey Terexov on Vimeo.

The theme of this week was rounded with yesterday's post. And so it happens that I can bring to you this video, out of any context and just like that. It is very liberating. I am likely repeating this on occassion.
In 2008, Alexey Terexov made this video of the song Lights (Огоньки), written and performed by a Belarusian band Lyapis Trubetskoy (Ляпис Трубецкой).
Terexov had an idea to gather and then animate old Soviet photographs. In response to a public call for photographs, he received thousands.
"I don't feel nostalgia for the Soviet time," said the frontman of the band. "But the Soviet family traditions, domestic games, slang, the fashion of the Soviet era is the "oldschool" of my generation. And elements of tradition are an important part of any author's outlook… Gojko Mitic, Odra jeans, Zita and Gita, Kharlamov, Verhovina moped, Ural guitar... all these things from the Socialist era are no more than symbols, but they are very significant for my generation."

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