05 January 2010


The Last Knit (originally Kutoja), a brilliant Finnish animated short created by Laura Neuvonen (2005).


  1. Heh heh - I just saw this last month. Still laughing. Possible moral: beware of a female with knitting needles! I don't like the animation that much, but the idea rocks, especially if you come from a family of determined female knitters. At the end, it IS ontology.

  2. I agree that animation is not the loveliest. I fell for the idea more than the delivery. And then, R loved it, and kids' taste is always good to rely on. Of animation, I liked the facial expressions.
    What did you think of Madame Tutli Putli (if you saw it)? M loved it. As rarely as this happens: I am completely blank as to whether I like it or not. Very, very weird, those eyes (to say the least).

  3. Yeah, she is determined all right (Kutoja). :)

    Finnish shorts were in Focus this year at Animateka, so that was a cool chance to get to know their aesthetics better, even thought one of them said it would be rather hard to summarize Finnish production under one or some unifying labels. Besides Kutoja, I also liked a lot the film Ilo Irti (The Irresistible Smile) from Ami Lindholm (Turku Arts Academy, 2006). The idea so familiar, the animation very tender and witty.

    I know Madame Tutli Putli, but unfortunately I don't like it that much. It's not the eyes in my case, heh ... more the basic dramaturgy and the impact it brings out, I assume. I thought is may be 'cause of the darkness of the atmosphere, but now I'm not that sure anymore.

    Oh, if you didn't yet, check out this one (http://www.maryandmax.com/), it's my absolute fav of 2009. If you don't get it, shout, I have it.