15 May 2010

Bricks or trees

I have always wanted to live in a tree house, ever since I was a child. Yet now, when I am all grown up and able to choose freely, I go and buy a house made of bricks. A very solid house this new house is, not at all suited to hang from a tree.
There is something immensely monumental about bricks. The word itself belongs to the world of letters where phrases such as "down to earth" prosper best.
I know this little girl who dreams, right now, of a little tree shelter. She couldn't understand at all, why we are so excited about buying this house. "It's not like it's a tree house, you know! It's just a house," she sighed.
And she's right, of course. It is just a house. The third house. The one made of bricks. The one that cannot be broken into by the wolf.

1 comment:

  1. The bright bright day brought me here,
    And I wonder if you will come out of the brick walls,
    Some songs you left,
    Some words I leave.