28 October 2010

Walking furniture

Just watch that table take a stroll along the beach! I used to have a table that could not be moved by one person alone. I really hated it from the blackness of my heart. You see, I belong to that type of folks who (completely) rearrange their hotel room furniture upon arrival.
There's no such 'type', you say?
Well, I'll be damned! That's exactly what my boyfriend claims, too.
If there's any of you who also do that, I'd love to hear from you.
Obviously, this table is the 'walking table' by Wouter Scheublin. I posted about him and Lotty Lindeman a few days ago. The robotics really reminds me of Theo Janssen's 'strandbeesten'.
Lovely, this, and helpful. I'm moving office today. And wouldn't it be just GRAND, if the obstinate furniture and boxes would simply FOLLOW me...

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