25 May 2009

Charlie Chaplin nevermore, nevermore

A second (bonus) post today, for today is also a commemoration day for the late state that once stretched from Vardar to Triglav. The commemoration day itself is no more. Gone also is the man whose birthday was meant to be commemorated on this day.
There will come a time when we will be the last men standing. The last to have borne witness. Once even we are gone, that land will finally become a matter of dust and books.
So please send in whatever of that time you think should not ever, ever be forgotten. Or send that which comes to you as the very first association. I will collect and return it to you.
Myself, I bear witness to Šarlo Akrobata (in the Kingdom of Yugoslavia in the 1930s Šarlo Akrobata was the Serbian name for Charlie Chaplin). Because the members of the band were Milan Mladenović, Ivica Vdović Vd and Dušan Kojić Koja, who each went on to become what is now three times a legend. Because these legends continue to stretch and linger in the entire space that was once the land from Vardar to Triglav. But Koja is the last man standing.

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  1. Thanks for posting this.

    [By the by, are you sure the name means CC? I think I heard in the EKC documentary movie that Milan said they first wanted to call themselves "Pablo Aktobata", but then someone didn't like it or didn't get the meaning or something, so they then went to this name - but I might have messed something here ...]

    Well, more importantly, the video for "Niko kao ja" is simply brilliant. Fuck (it hurt hitting the table), my jaw dropped. I think I rarely have seen something so fantastically done in this genre. What a dramaturgy, heavenly.

    I'm thinking of doing a short performance after it, it's simply so stunning. There's obviously so much more to learn in the World, a minute and 26 seconds - enough, to turn it around completely.

    Pure greatness, thanks for the reminder. Rock on!