05 May 2009

Learningtoloveyoumore (LTLYM)

New media tools such as YouTube, Vimeo and Blogger opened the stage to regular joes and sues. This created unparallelled possibilities of interaction between artists and their audiences. As interactive internet art projects emerged, it became increasingly difficult to tell artists and their audience apart. This is evidently the case with the LTLYM project, where artists Miranda July and Harrell Fletcher commissioned the general public to, for example, make and locally post 100 fliers of their typical day (#10), or draw Raymond Carver’s Cathedral (#46). The outcome was then presented en masse back to the audience. How thin the line between the artists and their audience became, is shown best by assignment #44: “make a LTLYM assignment”. It received the highest response and the resulting assignments topped the original ones. Read your parents' favourite book. Take a photo of someone's clothesline. Make a message in fresh snow.
My assignment for the lion-hearted: catch up with a stranger of random gender in the street and reenact Miranda July’s lines and silences, as in the video posted above (from Miranda July's film Me and You and Everyone We Know).

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