24 July 2009

Men and heroes

In 2006, Boris Dvornik and Velimir Bata Živojinović publicly reconciled on Croatian TV via a video link. Živojinović spoke from a hospital in Belgrade, where he awaited a heart surgery:
"My dear Boris. Listen. I would give you my heart if it was worth anything... Can you hear me?... You can hear and see me? I can only hear you... and again my heart is full. You will see me. This is not so tragic and horrible as it is talked about. Many people did this operation before me and they are well. But I wish to see you. I wish for you to come the night before the operation, so that I can see you and that all this passes nicely and that we can continue to give eachother company like 50 years ago. At this occassion, I am giving my regards to you and all the viewers of your TV in Croatia and the whole nation in Croatia. I give my regards from my heart as this heart is. I have no better one."
When asked how he would react upon finding Boris Dvornik at his hospital bed, Bata responded: "You see, I will recognize him, but I don't know what's up with me, I have somehow grown old, he will have a hard time recognizing me... I am afraid of strong emotions, they... in this moment I am trying to show as little as possible of my emotions, because a man in my years is given to tears. I will do my best not to raise tensions, because in this moment I need that least. I know best what I feel and how I will react once I see him...
To endure this as men and heroes."

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