21 July 2009

Šilja and Sonja

Žarko Laušević, by far the most promising actor to come out of the Sivi dom young actors' pack. After his stunning performance as Šilja, he stole the hearts of producers and directors and collected the best roles.
How come then that we lost track of him?
In 1993, in Podgorica, at 33 years of age and drunk, Žarko Laušević fired a CZ-99 gun killing two people. Having spent several years in prison, he left for New York where he works on construction sites, eerily echoing Šilja's destiny.
Sve što želim u ovom trenutku...
The song is Sonja, an old Russian song of a murderer, imprisoned in Siberia, here performed by Tea Hodžić. The original track and the lyrics can be found here.


  1. Looking at his face, I can see how you can forgive him for killing two people.

  2. You either omitted an evil grin or you are an evil grin.