10 February 2010

That leaving feeling

In the 90s, Lhasa joined forces with a British pop noir group Tindersticks that enjoys a similar cult following as Lhasa. This eventually led to this beautiful and deceptively simple duet between Lhasa and the front man of Tindersticks, Stuart A. Staples. The sound of the song itself is one of longing, and the video - a true one-off gem, is itself a moving image of that feeling that you may feel, and I invariably shall feel, when faced with a certain future. To pack your little suitcase with the pieces of your heart..., to pat your kids and to kiss your dog goodbye... In the shadow of the sound and the image, words seem almost like a second (if not third) take on the same theme.
That Leaving Feeling appears on The Leaving Songs album by Stuart A. Staples (2006, on the Beggars Banquet label).

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