11 February 2010


Daughters to a Maxican-American hippy couple with 9 kids and a nomadic lifestyle tied only to the road, Ayin De Sela, Myriam De Sela and Sky De Sela in their adulthood formed a nomadic Cirque Pochéros.
Lhasa de Sela, their sister, joined them in 1999. By then, two years had passed since she delivered her magical album La Llorona.
The second album, The Living Road, came out as late as 2003 and it largely consisted of material that Lhasa created for the circus acts. It is her most dreamy and most surreal album that can be best associated with tales, magic and circus.
The song here performed for the circus act (1999), La Marée Haute, later appeared as the second track in The Living Road album.

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