27 December 2010

Hoxton Street Monster Supplies

On 159 Hoxton Street in London there is a 'Hoxton Street Monster Supplies" store. The store has been there since 1818 and its loyal customers – the living, dead and undead - have continued to frequent it already for nearly 200 years.

According to the latest news, the store introduced new additions to the existing range of their Tinned Fears. Pursuant to the Monster Retail Act of 1827 (specifically Clause 14, Subsection 5, Revision (b)) the vendors are for the time being still prohibited from selling Fears in any other way than tinned. In total, there are now five Tinned Fears on offer: the Collywobbles, the Heebie Jeebies, the Vague Sense of Unease, Escalating Panic and Mortal Terror. Each has been tested and is guaranteed to enhance your mood according to the specification. Already the middle range, the 'Vague Sense of Unease', effectively destroys all feelings of ease, creating a rising yet uncertain sense of disquiet.

Please check the photographs below to find some of the other products on offer:

We were only dissapointed to find that the store refuses to accept not only credit cards and pre-decimal pound sterling, but also human sacrifice.

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