17 December 2010

Snow-wench (Snezena baba)

My morning flight to London was cancelled today. I should have known it would from the moment I woke up. Why? Because it snowed. And when it snows, your Dutchmen get very flustered. As soon as the snowflakes appear, a national emergency alarm sets over Holland.
Free drinks are offered at major train stations.
Traffic is completely halted.

Citizen stand in lines at stores to get as many provisions as they can afford to sustain them until the - thing - melts.
In the meantime, my fully paid hotel room in Kensington awaits me, empty...

What to do with all this snow? What do Russians do with all this snow?

They make snow-wenches (orig. снежная баба). What else?
(Note: All snow creations featured in this post are from Russia)

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