13 April 2011

Cashback NSFW

'Cashback' is an awarded short film directed by Sean Ellis (2004). Ellis later developed it into a feature film of the same title (2006).
Ben Willis (Sean Biggerstaff) works three nights a week at the local Sainsbury's to be able to pay for his art classes. While his fellow employees perfect their individual ways of killing time, Ben finds the fundamentals of still life in every corner of the supermarket. Boredom, too, is a state of mind.


  1. Two remarks:
    1. That one girl tried to seduce Jeff in 'Coupling'.
    2. Naked bottoms cannot be watched in an open office environment. Google "NSFW".

  2. 1. Really? Which one?
    2. Is it ok if I flash ya all with NSFW first? Other suggestions? I appologize for any inconvinience!

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