21 April 2011

Gem Guide to Amsterdam

A new feature is to be added to Gem: a guide to the gems hidden in Amsterdam. We still need to figure out the best way to work the Gem Guide feature into the blog's interface. Until then, you will be able to find the posts logged under this feature by searching this blog for 'Gem Guide to Amsterdam'.
By way of announcement: we begin with...
The photos above were taken amidst a lazy stroll through Cultuurpark Westergasfabriek in Amsterdam (in September of 2009). It wasn't me personally who took the pictures: I was standing next to the photographer. When these pictures were taken I was roughly in the state of a wooden sculpture. Blade Runner has always been larger than life for me, and Rutger Hauer an icon that simply could not be imagined roaming among us. At first, he got distracted by the sounds of our camera, and then he rested his gaze on me.
(Oh bloody wow)
Not a muscle moved in response.
Hence that smile.
Later that evening, we went for dinner at Rainarai - a restaurant at the edge of the Westergasfabriek area dedicated to the 'nomadic kitchen from Algeria'.
"Just imagine..." teased the man who dared to photograph Rutger Hauer. "Imagine that... this... Floris guy... what's his name again... imagine that he comes here... If he would, I'd ask him to sing for you."

Rutger Hauer as Floris van Rosemondt

The dialogue went on, but this is the last bit I remember. Because only a little while later I indeed spotted Rutger Hauer smoking in the front yard of the restaurant.

The front yard, as photographed earlier that same day

My date did not believe it until Rutger Hauer walked through the door. If until this moment the Dutch people spoke of anything unusual, they stopped and started speaking of everyday things instead. This probably serves as a Dutch courtesy and a sign of respect.
How could anyone blend in with THAT?
Not only did he eat in Rainarai, he also sat at the neighbouring table, AND behind me. Twice, he went out for a smoke, and each time he apologized to me for walking accross my table.
Yes, you read that right.
Rutger Hauer stood on top of my table.

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  1. ROFL! I heard the story before, but I read it with absolute pleasure! You should seriously consider writing, honestly. I am not supposed to laugh cause it's darn painful, but I nearly pissed myself at least 3 times during reading this. Simply brilliant! Greetings from Berlin to both, you and the brave, brave man who had the guts it takes to photograph Rutger Hauer.