16 September 2009

Hans Brinker

Hans Brinker Budget Hotel Amsterdam - "for backpackers, students and travellers of the world, without whom there would be no one to abuse, no one to mistreat and no one to accept the reckless abandon and barefaced treachery that has given Hans Brinker the reputation - one which it holds dear, with pride and shame in equal measure - as the worst hotel in the world."
This is a hotel where rooms are so small that chairs are put on the wall - as photographs or drawings. You will, however, find free sleeping pills in the bathroom: "to help drown out the nightly orchestra of shouting, grunting and door slamming."
Rob Penris, a long-time manager of Hans Brinker, wanted "a campaign that doesn't get me any more complaints again in my whole life."
Kessels Kramer owns the idea.


  1. I wish I'd make this ad. It is beyond brilliant.

    It's sensefull to write this comment because THIS is exactly why it is all in all worthy to sit and study that fucked up, lame, utterly shitty business of marketing, design and copy-writing.

    Well, at least hope dies last, people with pimples and beards say - there better be a client like this out there waiting for me, too!!!

  2. Oh, you simply have to read the book... There is a book. Looks like a bible. I didn't like other campaigns of Kessels Kramer as much (they are a Dutch agency, though they open an outlet recently in London (see at http://www.kkoutlet.com/). Their website is a hide and seek game with fake pages; I haven't managed to crack it.
    Brinker has had better business since this campaign than ever.