20 January 2011

Los Angeles, we need to talk

After he decided to move to New York City, Jonathan Jackson decided not to string L.A. along. He decided to 'firmly break it off' with L.A. through a graphic billboard series posted on the famous streets of his first love... letting it know:
"Jonathan Jackson is no longer in relationship with Los Angeles."
More endearing even than the billboards were the reactions of the L.A. inhabitants who chanced to come accross these visual declarations of love gone awry.
"I think it's negative. I don't support it," declared one of the locals, "I think we should not need to see other cities. Whatever I see in L.A. is everywhere, in every city that I have gone to. In part of L.A., there is East Africa. There are mountains. There is New York in L.A., there are tall buildings. So going to other cities is just stupid."
If interested to see more about this visual goodbye to a city, or the man behind it, go here and dig on.


  1. Perfection, this. All of it. :D

  2. Aljo, I enlarged the post to include reactions... and the website of the project itself... Enjoy... :)