20 January 2011

Narrator: Luis

This is 'Luis', the second stop-motion film in the 'Lucia, Luis & El Lobo' series created and directed by Cristóbal León, Niles Atallah and Joaquín Cociña (2008, produced by the Diluvio Gallery, Chile).
Currently in development is the third (feature) film in the series, 'La Casa Lobo', transl. The Wolf House. According to the synopsis of the project, the last film in the series will feature Bella, a young woman waking-up inside a strange house she doesn't recognise. The house, strangely alive, shall behave as if Bella has lived in it for ages. The house will hold Bella captive, and during her futile attempts to leave Bella shall encounter, and develop complex feelings for, the Beast. According to the authors themselves, 'La Casa Lobo' is a 'confused and perverted fairytale' about the Beauty and the Beast locked in a no-escape house. The fable will be narrated by Bella, a 'compulsive liar, a protagonist who has serious deficiencies in her memory.'
Beautiful? Creepy? Mad? Sad?
Animation and fairy tales are forever removed from that feeling of safety they once invoked in us... Can you imagine that this is what you would run to at 7 p.m. when you and your friends turned from your games in haste to catch the cartoon for the day? When all you worried about was that they would show something like Tom & Jerry and nothing like La Linea?


  1. The text is like Latin American literature, the images haunting, beautiful and funny all at the same time.

  2. Haunting is quite a good word to capture this series... Unnerving is another... What I find particularly... well... haunting... and... well... unnerving is the disparity between what APPEARS as children, but FEELS like old people... MAD old people, even...