06 February 2011

Let the England Shake

Behold, Polly Jean maketh an eerie ode to England.

God damn, Europeans!
Take me back to beautiful England
And the grey damp filthiness of ages
And battered books

And fog rolling down behind the mountains
On the graveyards and dead sea-captains
Let me walk through the stinking alleys
To the music of drunken beatings

Past the Thames river glistening
Like gold hastily sold
For nothing... NOTHING

The above musical shorts offer the first glimpses into P. J. Harvey's forthcoming album 'Let England Shake', to be released on 14 February.
Both musical shorts are directed by Seamus Murphy, a documentary photographer enlisted by Polly Jean to tour around England and to shoot stills and moving images documenting England and the English - for each of the 12 album tracks.
The musical shorts are not shot as the music videos we are used to, but rather as a classical photographic reportage.
We are eagerly awaiting the remaining ten.


  1. It heppa, it heppa! And not only that, Radiohead announced their new album today, aussi! A very good day, indeed. Oh yes, and this, perhaps: http://www.guardian.co.uk/music/musicblog/audio/2011/feb/11/pj-harvey-let-england-shake. I found it rather enlightening. Let it shake!!