16 February 2011


Jamie Thraves, a film director that shot the short film featured in our last post, created some of the best music videos out there. This is one of them.
The track is 'Woman' by Neneh Cherry, taken from her 'Man' album (1996). Obviously, this is a female take on 'It's a Man's Man's World', originally sung by James Brown (1966). If Brown's man patronises women, Cherry's woman is ancient: she predates men.
I've died so many times
I'm only just coming to life
And my blood flows
through every man
in this godless land
that delivered me...
So mind the lyrics, as well as those truly imaginary guns the two boys pull out of thin air to shoot with.
There are two interwoven story lines: one told through the music video and the other told in words and rhymes. Taken together, the two story lines make one aware of the narrator; and wary.

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