13 August 2009

I go, I smoke

A personal favourite. An original video by a wonderful, wonderful Sankt Peterburg group Nol (orig. Ноль).
The song: I go, I smoke (orig. Иду, курю)

As the evening sets in, I return,
lighting me up some hashish.
Life appears, wonderful,
senselessly good.
I go. I smoke.
And the sound of leaves rustling in my ears.
And there is fog above the Neva river.
Above the Neva river there is fog.
Above the crazy grass there is fog.
Above the Neva river there is the crazy...
Above the crazy grass... Pam param pam.
And –
I go. I smoke.

I go along Apricot Street, up and I turn into Vineyard Street. And I linger in the shadow, shortly, of Shadow Street.

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