03 August 2009


Miranda July performing Things We Don't Understand And Definitely Are Not Going To Talk About . Performance took place in The Factory (2006), in New York City.


  1. Hey - cool you're back. My good friend's GF does this professionally, telling stories, I mean, but I don't have any tapes of her to publish. Since I am now finally getting my Flip in a week (yay!), I intend to lurk on her and do some drama ... eee, I mean video. She told me some tricks of trade, but I feel I still scare little kids off with being all into it and stuff ... Naah.
    Do you intend to shoot some storytelling, also? I think it might be cool, specially if they'd also be home-written.

  2. Congrats on Flip! I certainly plan to do storytelling, with pencil and Flip and all. ;)